New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica odds are finally starting to roll out. And this is the first one to hit our lot so I thought it be cool to do a video. And we’ll take a little look at it. It’s a pretty cool looking vehicle. It’s got a really sleek look in. Pharaoh dynamic design. Which actually helps to increase fuel economy which I’ll get into that a little later. This particular one has a touring L addition. So it’s going to have some extra luxuries. But even the standard edition is going to be very well equipped. This one has a granite crystal exterior. Which is one of many many different colors to choose from. We got 18 inch alloy wheels which those are. Those are upgraded wheels the standard model is probably gonna have 17 inch alloy wheels. Either way pretty cool looking. It’s got all real power windows. It’s got power sliding doors and a power liftgate. And this is the new key fob which I know it looks a little blurry on this camera but you the key fobs been redesigned it looks classier than Other Chrysler models. And how we do it ndeb but. Our door opens which is a savior for anyone who’s got their hands full and. To help get the kids in the backseat. Or if you got a. Store some back there. Makes it a heck of a lot easier. Power liftgate. Click that same thing as the door. That’s a really convenient, It’s got second and third row stone go seating.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler made their stone go seating even easier this year. All you do Well the first other. Then the second one. And there you go. Like I mentioned before even the second row seats though into the floor and all you do. Push your front seat forward. You pull up on this little latch here open your. Storage compartment. Pull up on this letter here. And then you’ve got to tell other people that. And it goes right down into the floor. And you put your. Floorboard back down. And as you can see that’s really simple I did that with one hand while holding a camera. This is how it looks with the seats folded down. As you can see there’s a tonic cargo space. And this little middle seat right here actually detaches from the floor unlike the other seats it doesn’t snow but it’s really easy to remove you just pull a tether becomes right up from the floor and it’s very light so it’s easy to pull out of there. It’s got a huge interior. He got a Lotta leg room. Beautiful weather. More info Chrysler Pacifica headlights read at, best offers.

Chrysler Pacifica

Scott rear air controls. And if you’re not using the stolen go seating if you got the seats up you can actually store cargo. Yeah easy access to the third row seat. Well that right there. The seat folds forward. And most people who’ve owned a 7 or 8 passenger vehicle know how cramped the second or the third row seat is. And die with the pacifica that’s not the case it’s actually got a very spacious third row seat. I’m 6 feet tall. And I’ve got a good among legroom back here. Another cool feature is keyless enter N. go which means you can actually lock the door. But pressing that button right there or if you got the key on you. Put your hand behind handle. And it on locks automatically. They’re really nice to tone. Door panel. Power seat with lumbar just. And one of my favorite things about this vehicle here’s the dash it’s unlike any other Chrysler Dodge jeep or ram dash out there it’s just. It’s totally new.

It’s really awesome looking you really ought to see in person to see what I’m talking about. But let’s take a quick look. This is key let’s go as long as you have the key in the vehicle put your foot on the brake press the button and it’ll start right up. You’ve got a you connect 8.4 inch media center with a really nice glossy display it almost looks like a laptop screen it’s got a really nice resolution. You can control your heated seats matey are there and you can even put a pair of phone to it you can Paris cellphone via Bluetooth through this vehicle which. Let you answer it hands free. You got digital temp control a USB port. It’s also got a robot rotary shifter with a 9 speed automatic transmission. Leather wrapped steering wheel. With mounted audio controls.

2009 Dodge Caliber For Sale – review

2009 Dodge CaliberThe 2009 Dodge caliber in the arm team packaged now this car has 44 0 miles so not that bad it’s actually really good and it’s only price for a very low price of 13995. This vehicle you’re a gets about 24 miles out to the gas. For the city and 30 miles to the gallon on the. When. It’s a great little sporty looking silver sedan with. Transmission and every. Keyless entry. So I had this view. Actually has a lot. Features when it comes to safety and and has a 5 star crash tests reading. With that I advanced multi stage frontal airbags including a lead blocker airbag. So it also comes a child protection rear door locks. Stability control side curtain airbags Gandhi has front dislodged rear drum anti lock brakes. And it also comes with the tire pressure monitoring system but the warning light and a sport Dodge headlights assembly tuned suspension saw lots of good safety features and also when it comes into team at this week. We’ve got to have some also some very nice up features that has to power outlets in a music gate audio speaker system it’s a there Boston speakers very poor and the the it also features a name FM stereo with CD player an audio input Jack.

So you can play in your iPod in MP3 player it also features audio controls on the steering wheel and this vehicle gains added sound insulation to help produce brought road noise. So a very nice quiet ride as well so. And also some extra interesting features on this car is that it comes with a built in chilled glove box cooler for your beverages or anything you want to keep it nice and cool. And it also comes with a heated front seats so very nice of you want to keep your warm. It also has cruise control power and power door locks fog lights in a rear window wiper so don’t worry about not seeing behind yeah and when it comes to looks this ad particular model actually features a very sporty looking interior parity notice but it has a blue and black class interior being the main featured color and also comes with an 18 inch alloy wheels giving it that much more of a sporty and classic look at the same time. So I basically all know that this is a very nice looking you go with low miles plenty of safety in entertainment. Especially with those awesome speakers that you can you know just have a party outside Lou and it looks incredible all around him for a very very low price so come visit us here. Alright have a good one.

07 Gixxer 1000 Fuel pump problem

Gixxer 1000 Fuel pumpMaking this article of the sea of our anybody out there motor cycle and to help me out with my subjects or 1000 the problem I’m having is afters installing some smog block off plates. Can’t seem to get the fuel pump to. Turn back I’m. I took the fuel pump out rebuilt it Put back together clean filter stone often. Well when I neared it down to was. Well I just show you here.

Okay so here I have the bike off. As you can see. I have the. My heart torn apart. Yeah I think up hill upper. Air boxes off I just want to make sure the butterflies. We’re workin. So here you go alright so the bags off. Out turned the ignition key are. Everything looks normal up to this point. Right there it says check. And the butterflies do not open or the fuel pump pressure rises. So arm. Turn the switch and. Should pressurized fuel pump. Nothin still says check fuel. Now what I found out was. That’s when I disconnect. The power supply word the switch juries.

Plug whatever you wanna call the stain. For the fuel Pump Turns on Jobs here. There we go you could hear that. So now. Switch stolen. Cluster on. Check. See that the truck went away. Now For Chanukah back up. Don’t shut it off. Do this very. There you go I could hear the fuel pump running. I don’t know if you can hear that are not. But it’s run in. It is not pressurise. Came back. So how Don’t know what else to do. I turned it off. Some of the way. Fuel pump stops working. Turn it back on. Nothing. Jack likes the them. Not sure if I have a bad fuel pump or if some kind of connection short something inside the palm. There’s anybody that could help me out there greatly appreciate it alright.

Consumer reports has identified the most economical car

Tprius economical carhe American edition “Consumer Reports”, which is published by the US consumers Union, based on their own studies, determined the most economical car on the American market.

According to the publication, it was Japanese hybrid Toyota Prius with Toyota Corolla headlight assembly of next generation. Among all the models that had passed through the editorial Board, the hybrid Prius was the most economical – as it was shown by tests, its average fuel consumption in the combined cycle was 4.52 litres / 100 km.

According to the tests in an urban environment the average fuel consumption of the hybrid hatchback was fixed at 5.47 liters per 100 km. Tests that were held outside the city on the highway showed that the hybrid engine at a speed of 104 km/h spent 3.99 liters / 100 km.

It is worth noting that according to the latest figure Toyota Prius was ahead of all diesel vehicles tested by the editors of Consumer Reports.

It is worth noting that the previous record level of consumption was set by Japanese Honda Insight and lasted 16 years. Then, in 2000, Insight showed result 4.61 litres / 100 km.

Mercedes-Benz GT received 585-horsepower engine.

Mercedes-Benz GTSupercar Mercedes-AMG GT will be equipped with 585-horsepower double-turbo engine V8. Coupe will be able to gain first “hundred” for 3.6 seconds, top speed is electronically limited to 318 kilometers per hour. Power of normal AMG GT is 462 horsepower, S version develops 510 forces.

The first of them is gaining hundred kilometers per hour in four seconds, and the second for 3.8 seconds.
Track supercar will be equipped with the same engine that is AMG GT and GT S, but with a redesigned inlet, a titanium exhaust system and increased boost pressure.

In addition, the sports coupe will get an aerodynamic body kit, a custom suspension and a new grille in the style of the 300 SL of the 1950s, with vertical decorative elements.

Car rental will help to solve many problems.

Car rentalIt the rhythm of modern life, where the priority is speed and mobility, a car rental service is the most important. It goes without saying that this service is gaining popularity every year.
Car rental is not only a convenient way to travel, but the possibility of solving some of the issues that need urgent intervention. So, if you come on a business trip, the most convenient is to use the leased vehicle, rather than the public one.

Also, thanks to the car rental service you can avoid the unpleasant consequences resulting from damage of your own car. In this case, a car rental will allow you to correct the situation and not to brake the plans.
In addition, car rental service is good in the fact that you can use it in those cases when you can’t decide to buy a particular model. And using the rental service you will be able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen model.